Simply economy .. Details of bank transfers in 3 hours

The economics program simply presented by colleague Ahmed Yaqoub on the instructions of the Central Bank of Egypt to banks to implement bank transfers within a maximum of 3 hours.

The program provided a simple explanation of how to implement transfers between banks in the least number of hours possible, as the instructions included that banks receive customer requests submitted during the opening hours of the branches or through electronic channels around the clock, provided that the transfer requests for clients' accounts with the same bank are executed within the limits. A maximum of two hours from the time of submitting the request, and with regard to requests to transfer to the accounts of another bank, the execution shall be made within a maximum of three hours from the time of receiving the customer's request, and for customer requests that are received to the banks after two o'clock in the afternoon, the transfer order is executed as soon as possible to The beneficiary's bank, with a maximum of three hours since the start of the next business day. Any operations that require credit approvals, or any suspected operations such as money laundering or terrorist financing, as well as any other risks that the bank considers are excluded from adherence to the aforementioned business day.

These instructions come within the framework of the continuous efforts to develop the banking sector and increase the level of competitiveness of Egyptian banks, in a way that helps to provide the highest level of service to customers, and speedy completion of financial transactions in the least possible time, while motivating customers to benefit from the preferential advantages of electronic financial transactions, and the technological infrastructure. The force that was established and developed during the last period in light of the country's efforts to rely on digital payment systems.