Sudan discusses with the "UNITAMS" mission to support the implementation of the peace agreement

The National Coordination Committee with the United Nations Integrated Assistance Mission for Sudan (UNITAMS) discussed with the Mission's Chargé d'Affairs Stephanie Curry and her assistants, supporting the implementation of the peace agreement and bringing it to reality, in addition to mobilizing international support for the sake of achieving economic development in Sudan.

Ambassador Omar Al-Sheikh, head of the National Committee for Coordination with the Mission, said in a press statement that the meeting discussed ways of coordination between the National Committee and the United Nations Mission (UNITAMS) in the strategic areas mentioned in the Security Council resolution by which the mission was established, and related to the political transformation process in Sudan.

The Sheikh indicated that all the details of coordination between the National Committee and the "UNITAMS" mission were discussed, in order to help the mission succeed in its mission.

For her part, the Chargé d'Affairs of the "UNITAMS" mission described the meeting as successful and fruitful, as it was agreed upon a mechanism of cooperation between the mission and the various government agencies, expressing her thanks and appreciation for the efforts made by the National Committee in this regard.


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