Learn about currency and gold prices in Saudi Arabia today, Thursday

Currency rates stabilized in Saudi Arabia today, Thursday 1-28-2021, including the price of the US dollar and the Egyptian pound against the riyal, to record 1 US dollar, about 3.75 Saudi riyals, and 1 Egyptian pound scored about 0.24 Saudi riyals, and in a related context, the price of gold rose today.


Economic sentiment in the euro area declined in January as sentiment in the services and retail sector and among consumers continued to be undermined by the general isolation measures to combat Covid-19 disease, although sentiment improved in the industry.

Monthly data from the European Commission revealed that economic sentiment in the 19 euro-zone countries fell to 91.5 points this month, compared to 92.4 in December.

The currency rates today in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are as follows:

United States dollar (USD)

1 US dollar = 3.75 Saudi riyals.


1 Saudi riyal = 0.27 US dollars.

Euro (EUR)

1 Euro = 4.53 Saudi riyals.


1 Saudi riyal = 0.22 euros.

Japanese Yen (JPY)

1 Japanese yen = 0.04 Saudi riyals.


1 Saudi riyal = 27.68 Japanese yen.

Egyptian Pound (EGP)

1 Egyptian pound = 0.24 Saudi riyals.


1 Saudi riyal = 4.17 Egyptian pounds.

United Arab Emirates dirham (AED)

1 United Arab Emirates dirham = 1.02 Saudi riyals.


1 Saudi riyal = 0.98 United Arab Emirates dirham.


Gold prices rose in Saudi Arabia, where the price of "24 karat" gold in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was recorded at 222.19 Saudi riyals, compared to yesterday's price of 222.18 Saudi riyals.

Gold prices fell today, Thursday, as investors turned to the dollar in search of safety after the decline in global stock markets, while the Federal Reserve (US Central Bank) raised concerns about the pace of the economic recovery in the United States.

Gold fell in immediate transactions 0.5% to $ 1835.35 an ounce, after falling to its lowest level since January 18 at $ 1830.80 on Wednesday.

The gold prices today in the financial markets in Saudi Arabia came in Saudi riyals as follows:

The price of gold is 24 carat

At about 222.19 riyals, equivalent to $ 59.23

The price of gold is 22 carat

About 203.68 riyals, equivalent to $ 54.30

The price of gold is 21 carat

About 194.42 riyals, equivalent to $ 51.83

The price of 18 carat gold

About 166.65 riyals, equivalent to $ 44.43

The price of gold is 14 carat

About 129.61 riyals, equivalent to $ 34.55

The price of gold is 12 carat

About 111.09 riyals, equivalent to $ 29.62

The price of an ounce of gold

About 6,910 riyals, equivalent to $ 1,842

The price of the gold pound

About 1,555 riyals, equivalent to $ 414.65

The price of a kilo of gold

About 222,190 riyals, equivalent to $ 59,235