A former US Navy intelligence officer is a prime suspect in the congressional storming

The Washington Post reported that a former US Navy intelligence officer, who worked as an FBI official from Virginia, appeared as a key figure in the federal investigation into the events of the congressional storming, according to what the US prosecutor said on Thursday, when he indicated that he organized a group of trained fighters and was In contact with militia-like groups, including the Brad Boys, Department Keepers, and Thari Percenters.

  In their request for a federal judge to arrest Thomas Edward Cladwell, 66, who is on trial, prosecutors have revealed some of the most vivid evidence to date of discussions indicating coordination and planning among groups under scrutiny due to the congressional attack that killed five people, including an officer. Police, which led to the indictment of more than 200 people.

 The prosecution alleges that Cladwell used his military and law enforcement background to plan the violence, including the use of potential snipers and weapons, on a boat along the Potomac River, weeks before the storming of the Capitol.

 Cladwell faces charges of conspiracy, obstructing official procedures, destroying government property, aiding and abetting, and trespassing.

 The founder of the Department of Keepers, Stuart Rhodes, who was identified as the first person in Cladwell's indictment documents, called on his group members to stand in support of President Trump, and Cladwell responded, according to the prosecution. The latter had been coordinating with the group keepers of the oath for a week after the presidential election last November, hosting members at his home in Virginia to organize a pro-Trump protest that turned violent.


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