The Israeli occupation forces arrested 30 Palestinians from the West Bank

Today, Tuesday, the Israeli occupation forces launched a large-scale arrest campaign in the West Bank, affecting 30 Palestinian citizens, most of them from Jenin governorate, and the Palestinian News Agency (Wafa) stated that the occupation forces arrested 5 citizens, including a child, from Ramallah and Al-Bireh, and 11 young men. From Jenin, in addition to the arrest of a father and son; After their house was raided and searched in the town of Tamoun, south of Tubas.

She added that 7 young men, including two children, were arrested from Hebron, and from Jerusalem, the occupation forces arrested a young man from the town of Issawiya. After the raid on his relatives 'house in the town, 4 citizens of Balata camp, east of Nablus, were arrested after their relatives' homes were raided.


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